Notes From A Small Island (Bill Bryson) – Narrated by Bill Bryson [5 CD Set]


Notes From A Small Island (Bill Bryson) – Narrated by Bill Bryson [5 CD Set]

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Running Time 5hrs 39mins

After nearly two decades in Britain, Bill Bryson took the decision to move Mrs Bryson, little Jimmy et al back to the States for a while. But before leaving his much-loved Yorkshire Bryson insisted on taking one last trip around old Blighty, a sort of valedictory tour of the green and kindly island that had for so long been his home.
The resulting book was a eulogy to the country that produced Marmite, George Formby, by-elections, milky tea, places names like Farleigh Wallop, Titsey and Shellow Bowells, Gardeners’ Question Time and people who say ‘Mustn’t grumble’.
Britain would never seem the same again.
Since it was first published in 1995, NOTES FROM A SMALL ISLAND has never been far from the top of the bestseller lists, and has sold over one and a half million copies.

Bill Bryson was born in Des Moines, Iowa, in 1951. His bestselling books include The Road to Little Dribbling, Notes from a Small Island, A Walk in the Woods, One Summer and The Life and Times of the Thunderbolt Kid.
In a national poll, Notes from a Small Island was voted the book that best represents Britain.
His acclaimed work of popular science, A Short History of Nearly Everything, won the Aventis Prize and the Descartes Prize, and was the biggest selling non-fiction book of its decade in the UK. His new book The Body: A
Guide for Occupants is an extraordinary exploration of the human body which will have you marvelling at the form you occupy.
Bill Bryson was Chancellor of Durham University 2005–2011. He is an Honorary Fellow of the Royal Society.
He lives in England.

‘Not a book that should be read in public, for fear of emitting loud snorts’ The Times

‘Laugh-out-loud funny’ The Good Book Guide

‘Splendid… What’s enjoyable is that there’s as much of Bryson in here as there is of Britain’ Sunday Telegraph

‘Bryson is funny because he is not afraid to give completely of himself’ Daily Express