David Attenborough : New Life Stories – The Complete BBC Radio 4 Series [3 CD Set]


David Attenborough : New Life Stories – The Complete BBC Radio 4 Series [3 CD Set]

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Running Time 3hrs 15mins

The complete second BBC Radio 4 series written and presented by Sir David Attenborough featuring
all 20 episodes about some of the strangest insects and creatures from around the world.

One of the nation’s most popular presenters examines twenty marvels of the natural world from his extraordinary and pioneering experiences.
How did Sir David track down a giant Earthworm? Why does he respect Rats? What was the first bribe in nature? Why do well known foods often have two names? And where can you see evidence of the earliest life on Earth?
His enthusiasm is as infectious as ever, and conveys a unique fascination on topics as diverse as the Kiwi, Hummingbirds, Monsters, Butterflies, Chimps, Cuckoos, Fireflies and Elsa, the famous lioness.
So listen to these stories to find out why Rats should be respected and which insects emerge from the ground only once every 17 years.
Includes detailed programme notes inside the booklet.

Sir David Attenborough is Britain’s best-known natural history film-maker.
His career as a naturalist and broadcaster has spanned nearly seven decades. His first job – after Cambridge University and two years in the Royal Navy – was at a London publishing house. Then in 1952 he joined the BBC as a trainee producer, and it was while working on the Zoo Quest series (1954-64) that he had his first opportunity to undertake expeditions to remote parts of the globe, to capture intimate footage of rare wildlife in its natural habitat.
He was Controller of BBC 2 (1965-68), during which time he introduced colour television to Britain, then Director of Programmes for BBC Television (1969-1972). In 1973 he abandoned administration altogether to return to documentary-making and writing, and has established himself as the world’s leading Natural History programme maker with several landmark BBC series, includingLife on Earth (1979), The Living Planet (1984), The Trials of Life (1990), The Private Life of Plants (1995), Life of Birds (1998),The Blue Planet (2001),Life of Mammals (2002), Planet Earth (2006) and Life in Cold Blood (2008).
Sir David was knighted in 1985 and received the Order of Merit in 2005.
He is a fellow of the Royal Society, and stands at the forefront of issues concerning the planet’s declining species and conservation.