Happy Valley : Series 1-3 – Sarah Lancashire (2023) 15 6 DVD Set


Happy Valley : Series 1-3 – Sarah Lancashire (2023) 15 6 DVD Set

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All 18 episodes from all three series of the BBC drama starring Sarah Lancashire as a police sergeant in a rural West Yorkshire valley. In the first series, Catherine Cawood (Lancashire) receives a visit from Kevin Weatherill (Steve Pemberton), a distressed member of the Yorkshire community she oversees, and is drawn into a ransom case in which the life of Ann Gallagher (Charlie Murphy) is at stake. Kevin employed local thug Ashley Cowgill (Joe Armstrong) to kidnap Ann in the hope of extracting a ransom from his boss, and his remorse has come too late to prevent the crime.

Can Catherine get to the girl in time? In the second series, while investigating a case of sheep-stealing, Catherine discovers the decomposed body of a murdered prostitute who she later discovers is the mother of Tommy Lee Royce (James Norton). This revelation places Catherine at the centre of the investigation as a possible suspect while Royce continues to torment her from inside his cell with the help of his new accomplice Frances (Shirley Henderson). While she takes on a new case of human trafficking, Catherine deals with more complications in her personal relationships and is recommended by her bosses to undertake a course of counselling therapy.

In the third series, Catherine is on the verge of retirement when the discovery of a murder victim leads her back to a still incarcerated Tommy Lee Royce. When she learns that her grandson Ryan (Rhys Connah) has been visiting him in prison, she is furious, especially when she realises her sister Clare (Siobhan Finneran) has been helping him. After Tommy escapes from prison, he only has one goal in mind…

Meanwhile, pharmacist Faisal Bhatti (Amit Shah) is supplying prescription drugs illegally and trouble is closing in.