Lulu – Gold (3 CD Set)


Lulu – Gold (3 CD Set)

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Disc One
1. Shout
2. Can’t Hear You No More
3. Here Comes the Night
4. I’ll Come Running Over
5. Surprise, Surprise
6. Leave a Little Love
7. Try to Understand
8. Tell Me Like It Is
9. Call Me
10. The Boat That I Row
11. To Sir With Love
12. Let’s Pretend
13. Love Loves to Love Love
14. You and I
15. Best of Both Worlds
16. Me, the Peaceful Heart
17. Boy
18. Morning Dew
19. I’m a Tiger
20. Boom Bang-a-bang

Disc Two
1. Oh Me Oh My (I’m a Fool for You Baby)
2. Feelin’ Alright
3. Hum a Song (From Your Heart)
4. After the Feeling Is Gone
5. Melody Fair
6. Everybody’s Got to Clap
7. To the Other Woman (I’m the Other Woman)
8. It Takes a Real Man (To Bring Out the Woman in Me)
9. Make Believe World
10. The Man Who Sold the World
11. Watch That Man
12. The Man With the Golden Gun
13. Take Your Mama for a Ride
14. Boy Meets Girl
15. Heaven and Earth and the Stars
16. Don’t Take Love for Granted
17. I Love to Boogie
18. I Could Never Miss You (More Than I Do)
19. If I Were You
20. Who’s Foolin’ Who

Disc Three
1. I Will Do It for Your Love
2. Independence (Brothers in Rhythm Mix)
3. I’m Back for More
4. Let Me Wake Up in Your Arms
5. How ‘Bout Us
6. Relight My Fire (Take That Feat. Lulu)
7. Goodbye Baby and Amen (Brothers in Rhythm Mix)
8. Every Woman Knows
9. Better Get Ready
10. Hurt Me So Bad (Damien Mendis Radio Mix)
11. Where the Poor Boys Dance (Almighty Mix)
12. We’ve Got Tonight (Ronan Keating Feat. Lulu)
13. All the Love in the World
14. Keep Talkin’… I’m Listening
15. Put a Little Love in Your Heart
16. Just One Look
17. Faith in You
18. Cry
19. Hypnotised
20. I Don’t Wanna Fight (2015 Version)