Andre Rieu – Welcome To My World 3 (DVD)


Andre Rieu – Welcome To My World 3 (DVD)

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André Rieu and his marvellous Johann Strauss Orchestra invite you to join them, once more, on an enchanting and exclusive trip around the world – from the Netherlands to Israel, from Portugal to the United States and for a very special Christmas celebration in Australia!

In ‘Welcome to my World 3’, you’ll get exclusive insights behind the scenes of André Rieu’s unforgettable concerts and find out more about the King of Waltz and his favourite moments from his world tour. ‘Welcome to my World 3’ is filled with fun, romance and, of course, beautiful classical music. You can expect spectacular extracts from André Rieu’s concerts, featuring breath-taking special effects, touching waltzes and fun guests like David Hasselhoff performing “Looking for Freedom” or Los del Rio and their mega hit “Macarena” – as well as multiple interviews with André, his orchestra and crew.

This 3-DVD-Set provides a unique insight into the life on stage, and of course backstage, of one of the world’s most famous touring artists of our time – rated the classical act with the highest attendance ever, according to Billboard.

André’s magical journey starts off with his famous Vrijthof concerts in his hometown of Maastricht and takes you all around the globe. Join the charming musician for his first ever concerts in Israel including a trip to the holy city of Jerusalem. Stroll with the Maestro through the romantic streets of Lisbon and enjoy the sights and sounds of America as André tours the United States. André also celebrates Christmas on the beach in Australia and takes a trip around Sydney Harbour. Another sure highlight is the 30th anniversary celebration of his Johann Strauss Orchestra.

Don’t miss out on this unique chance to travel the world with André Rieu and his Johann Strauss Orchestra, and let André welcome you to his world!

The 3 DVD set includes the following programmes;

Episode 1 – Wonderful World
Episode 2 – Tel Aviv Party
Episode 3 – Happy Birthday
Episode 4 – Love from Lisbon
Episode 5 – California Dreaming
Episode 6 – A Night To Remember
Episode 7 – American Dream
Episode 8 – Amore
Episode 9 – Dreams Come True
Episode 10 – Christmas Down Under